Fighting for what’s right and addressing the issues California faces today

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My name is Nicole Ueno. A lifelong San Diegan, I have a deep appreciation for the uniquely beautiful communities in the 78th District. I am passionate about listening to individual perspectives and ideas from the people who are most impacted by public policies. My record is one of community commitment, engagement, and action.

As an outspoken community activist and business advocate, I am proud to represent everyday working people trying to better themselves and their neighborhoods. I believe in strength in community, and that by working together we can address our issues and build a better California.

Too often, constituents’ voices go unheeded by their political representatives. The transparency and collaborative nature of government often falls short. Local residents and those that are most affected by issues are overlooked and misinformed. To overcome these issues, we need to think outside the box and elect a grassroots candidate that truly represents the will of the public.


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Mission, Methods, and a Promise.